Major Event Protection Paper

Select an event from the following list, or choose your own idea for an event as approved by your facilitator:


*A at a large outdoor venue

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Major Event Protection Paper
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*A , such as a golf tournament, , World Series baseball game, and so forth *An outdoor festival, such as a large music, arts, or food festival in a large city


Write a 1,450- to 2, the tasks needed to prepare a protection plan for the event you selected. Include the following in your paper:


*A detailed description of the event and location

*General security concerns, such as traffic control, crowd management, access control, and terrorist threats. Include security concerns specific to your location and selected event. *A brief statement of how the tactics would need to be altered if working with VIPs at the event


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Provide at least 3 scholarly references………….i.e. not wiki, college times, etc…


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