Manager at a company undergoing a merger or acquisition

1Q.Place yourself in the role of a manager at a a merger or acquisition. What would be the most would expect from you while still in that process? What role would IT play in meeting those expectations? Provide at least three examples.


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Manager at a company undergoing a merger or acquisition
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2Q.Focus on what Andi Mann in the case calls tribal knowledge. What do you think is meant by that, and why is it so important to this process? What strategies would you suggest for companies that are faced with the extensive presence of this issue in an acquired organization? Develop some specific recommendations.



3Q.Most of the discussion on the case are focused on hardware and software issues. However, these are essentially enablers for underlying developed by each of the companies involved. What different alternatives do companies have for merging their business processes, and what role would IT play in supporting those activities? to data management and .


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