Materialist conception of history

This assignment caries 20 points

To effectively do this assignment you must reviewed the PowerPoint slides and selected videos on Marx (week 4 folder) as well as chapter on Karl Marx from the textbook.

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Materialist conception of history
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Briefly respond to these Questions


1. Numerous works of fiction speak to the social conditions that early sociologists were examining as discussed in class. For example, Charles Dicken’s Hard Times (see slides on week 1 folder) portrays the hardships of industrial revolution, while Victor Hugo’s Les Miserable addresses the political and social dynamics of the French Revolution (watch attached clip on week 4 folder) and discuss the tremendous social changes they highlight. (You can draw on your first assignment on Hard Times by Charles Dickens) (Limit – 3 paragraphs)


2. According to Karl Marx’s materialist conception of history, what is the relationship between property or the division of labor and consciousness? How might property relations and ideas prevent or promote social change? (Limit – 2-3 paragraphs)



3. Discuss the prevalence of the fetishism of commodities in contemporary fetishism capitalist societies. What examples of commodity fetishism do you see in your own life and the lives of your family and friends? ( 2-3 paragraphs)


4. Explain the statement “Religion is the Opium of the Masses” in Marx analysis of religion, and why did he advocate for religion to be abolished? Do you agree or disagree with Marx view on religion? Support your position with adequate evidence. (2 paragraphs)


5. To what degree does Marx description of marriage and the position of women resonate with today’s society? What has and has not changed? What forces have promoted or prevented change? Are there essential similarities and differences between the current discussion of and demands for sexual equality and Marx analysis? ( 2-3 paragraphs)


For Extra Credit: (Answer one question)


1. Has the proletariat, or working class sunk deeper and deeper with the advance of industry as Marx suggested? Why or why not? How prevalent is alienation in contemporary capitalist societies? Don’t some people like their jobs? If so, have hey been “fooled” s

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