Memory of Psychology- Assignment



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Memory of Psychology- Assignment
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The purpose of this discussion is to ponder the dynamics of repressed memories and their potential accuracy and/or inaccuracy.

Can traumatic memories be repressed, then recovered?

*Please note:* This discussion forum is “post first.” In other words, you will not see the posts of your classmates until after you post. When you post, your classmates’ posts will be revealed so you can read them and compose your reply.

Step 1:Readthe following scenario based on the case of.pdf?_&d2lSessionVal=mnClQIKwYrByZ8VgLX1oy6TE3″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>Eileen Franklin-Lipsker.

Step 2:Watch explain her research:.

Step 3:Next, review the by Elizabeth Loftus:.

Step 4:Integrating at least *three* relevant terms from the assigned readings,post your position with an explanation on the following:

Explain why, why not, or why you are unsure that memories that have been repressed and then recovered should be allowed in court to prosecute the alleged abuser.




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