Millennials bring different attitudes to the job hunt

5/14/2019 Gen Z, millennials bring different attitudes to the job hunt | HR Dive 1/2
By Kathryn Moody, Riia O’Donnell
Published May 8, 2019
Dive Brief:
Generation Z may defy expectations for digital natives, a new
Yello study showed, with more than half of those surveyed
preferring face-to-face communication during the recruiting
process over digital communication. Unlike millennials,
weighing in at only 29%, nearly half of Gen Z candidates said
their experience with the recruiter has the biggest impact on
their decision to accept a job.
However, the 2019 Yello Recruiting Study noted that the
technology employers do use during the process is under
scrutiny by Gen Z. Around 46% of Gen Z applicants applied for
a job on mobile, compared to 38% of millennials. Twenty-six
percent of Gen Z candidates said that a lack of tech throughout
the hiring process would make them reconsider working with
the company entirely.
According to the study, Gen Z is serious about careers and
confident that jobs are on the horizon. Two of three business
majors expect to have more than one offer; half of computer
science majors expect multiple offers. But for students pursuing
a degree in communications or other non-STEM fields, 70% are
worried about finding work.
Gen Z, millennials bring
different attitudes to the job
5/14/2019 Gen Z, millennials bring different attitudes to the job hunt | HR Dive 2/2
Dive Insight:
The newest entrants to the workforce are more different from
millennials than some employers may have expected, this study
shows. Gen Z are looking for a combination of seamless, techenabled processes and warm in-person interaction — something
that has some managers worried that Gen Z will be more difficult
to manage than older generations. In a survey from APPrise
Mobile, 26% of respondents think that communicating with Gen Z
will be more difficult, and most of them noted that they had no
plans to cater to Gen Z.
That point of view may have to shift. While Gen Zers are confident
about their knowledge, many are uncertain about their readiness
to join the current workforce — and many also assume that their
employers will coach them in what they need to know. In a recent
study, Dell Technologies said that employers may need to beef up
their soft skills training and internship programs to attract Gen Z
Gen Zers are well aware of the conditions in the market that make
them highly sought-after, and many have high expectations for
their first jobs. Three-quarters of respondents to the Dell study
also believe they should be promoted after one year in their first
position. Particularly for female candidates in the tech field, where
diversity is a pressing need and talent is in extremely high demand,
growth, development and work-life balance are top priorities.

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