Needle in a Haystack Series Review

For this group activity, after watching the series House, M.D. episode, Needle in a Haystack, you will need to participate in a group discussion: Medical Team, Legal Team, or Ethics Team. You can select to work in a group based on your interest.

Medical Team: Write a the medical treatment of Stevie to show that your treatment was after all, successful!

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Needle in a Haystack Series Review
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Legal Team: Write a CASE STUDY for Mr. Lippas case against the hospital.

Ethics Team: Write a the treatment of the Lippa family by Dr. Foreman re: Dr. Xs complaint.
You will need to:

Participate in your group discussion to discuss issues that might be included if you were going to write a case study for this case.
Follow the guidelines from So You Want to Make a Case out of It Links to an external site.. This document will be opened in a new window. Each student might want to develop information in the template.
as necessary to aide you in medical, legal, or ethical, jargon or evidence; but use only facts from the case or the fact pattern. In other words, you cannot make-up any new facts in your discussions.

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