Negative comment, teasing, questioning, directing

SCRIPT: Last Weekend
Student’s Name: ______________
Date: ____________________
Persons building script:
___student ___parent
___teacher ___peer
___therapist ___other (specify)
Type of Script:
___action / ____class participation /__X__conversation
Does This Script:
___start with a greeting, “excuse me” or other hook to get the partner’s attention?
___include a range of communicative functions (positive comment, negative comment, teasing,
questioning, directing, etc.)?
___provide for multiple turns (ex: topic maintainers such as ‘tell me more’ or ‘wanna hear the rest’)?
___ensure that the user doesn’t get ‘backed into a corner (unexpected response stops exchange)?
___use ‘real-kid language’ appropriate for the student’s age and setting?
___use ‘person-matched language’ appropriate to the personality of the individual?
Communicative Function Sample Message
Attention Getter(s)
Turn Transfers
Musselwhite, 2001,
Script Symbol Here
last weekend
What’s up?
What did you do last weekend?
Did you have fun?
I went swimming.
I went with my folks and my
It was fun.
What else did you do?
I love weekends!
Maybe we can do something
some weekend.
Call me!

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Negative comment, teasing, questioning, directing
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