Nursing-PowerPoint presentation using a case study

Hi I need a 20-slide PowerPoint presentation using a case study. The presentation will use the “nursing process ” to discuss the following section:

Holistic assessment of clients condition.

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Nursing-PowerPoint presentation using a case study
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Priority Interventions that Promote Client Safety

Clients Cultural Values in Implementation

Advocacy: Right to Autonomy & Adherence to Plan of Care

Team Members, Communication, Collaboration

Assignment details:

1- Name the file: ACI_NUR280W8_209838_Acosta Y.

2- Create cover slide:

a. The name of the assignment: Case Study about Graves’ disorder

b. The name of the course

c. Name of your professor

d. Your name

3- Slides 2-19you will evaluate the case study using thenursing processand discuss the 5 concepts above.

4- Finally, list your references in APA style inslide 20. If the APA reference list exceeds slide 20, you may use as many additional slides to list all of your sources.

Attached you will find an example of a powerpoint; that is how the teacher wants it. Whatever is HIGHTLIGHT MUST BE in the introduction. She gave us this so we could use it, so feel free to do it.

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