Object to enter delete or modify data

Question 1.1.(TCO 1) Which object would you use to enter, delete, or modify data?(Points : 5)

Criteria Form Query Table


Question 2.2.(TCO 1) In what situation would Excel be a better choice than Access?(Points : 5)

You have a limited amount of data. You have an extensive amount of data. You need to maintain constant connectivity to an external database. You require a relational view of your data.


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Object to enter delete or modify data
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Question 3.3.(TCO 1) All of the following are Report Wizard Layout types EXCEPT(Points : 5)

block. outline. stepped. summary.



Question 4.4.(TCO 1) All of the following filters work EXCEPT(Points : 5)

filter by selection with an equal condition. filter by selection with a comparison operator. filter by selection with an edit operator. filter by form with a comparison operator.



Question 5.5.(TCO 1) A report creation tool that will automatically pull in the fields from a table or query is the(Points : 5)

report tool. report design. report wizard. blank report.



Question 6.6.(TCO 2) A field that uniquely identifies each record in a table is a(Points : 5)

link. relationship. primary key. foreign key.



Question 7.7.(TCO 3) Which of the following should be considered when designing a database?(Points : 5)

How calculated fields are used Store data in its smallest parts The relationship between attribute keys The relationships between records



Question 8.8.(TCO 3) All of the following describe a caption property EXCEPT(Points : 5)

allows for placing spaces between words. can take the place of a field name in Datasheet View. can be used in place of a field name in an expression. the caption appears in Datasheet, Report, and Form views.



Question 9.9.(TCO 3) All of the following summarize characteristics of a PivotTable EXCEPT(Points : 5)

can display information that is typically found in Datasheet totals. can only be created from a table. data is organized and summarized in an . is created by dragging fields from a field list into .



Question 10.10.(TCO 3) Which of the following is NOT true of a property?(Points : 5)

A property is an object’s characteristic or attribute. Tables, forms, queries, and reports have a set of properties. A property sheet is used to make changes. Design properties are displayed in Datasheet View.



Question 11.11.(TCO 4) When building a calculated field, formulas can be created using the(Points : 5)

form wizard. expression builder. report builder. table wizard.






Question 1.1.When certain attributes cannot be entered into a database without the existence of other attributes; such as not being able to add a new course to the schedule unless a student is enrolled in the course, then this would be an illustration of:(Points : 5)


Insert anomaly 1:M relationship Update anomaly Foreign Keys



Question 2.2.(TCO 5) A calculated control(Points : 5)

contains a formula that displays the result. is a bound box. is a text box containing a description. is an unbound box that the user will fill in with a numeric value.



Question 3.3.(TCO 6) Which of the following is a term used to describe the names of controls, fields, or properties?(Points : 5)

Function Identifier Operator Value



Question 4.4.(TCO 6) Which of the following expressions is NOT correct?(Points : 5)

Cost: [Price] * [Qty] DiscountAmt = [Price] * [Qty] * [Discount] PrPerSqFt: [SalePr] / [SqFt] Sales: [GP] * [Qty]



Question 5.5.(TCO 7) To display data as percentages of a whole, use the following chart.(Points : 5)

Bar Line Pie Scatter Plot



Question 6.6.(TCO 7) Effective PivotTables and PivotCharts are usually based on a(Points : 5)

form. query. report. table.



Question 7.7.(TCO 8) The ________ interface displays a menu that provides the ability to open the various objects within the database, and to move easily from one object to another.(Points : 5)

Form Utility Switchboard Object



Question 8.8.(TCO 9) Open Exclusive means that(Points : 5)

apassword is required to open the Access database. only one person has access to the Access database at any time. only selected persons can have access to the Access database. two or more people cannot open the same Access database at the same time.



Question 9.9.(TCO 9) A digital signature(Points : 5)

helps ensure that a file has not been tampered withand will be safe to open. is used with database files exclusively. is a tracking system of a file. must be obtained from a certification authority such as VeriSign.



Question 10.10.(TCO 10) After creating an ACCDE file, you(Points : 5)

can convert it back to its source format. will see a “file already in use” message that continues to display to all other users. will be able to modify forms and reports but not tables. will need to go back to the original file if an underlying object requires a change.



Question 11.11.(TCO 4) Which statement below is NOT true of the one-to-many relationships?


(Points : 5)

It is the least used type of relationship. OrderID is a unique identification number that would be used in the Orders table and Order Details table. Each record in the Orders table may match one, more than one, or no records in the Order Details table. Each record in a Orders table matches only one record in the Customers table.

1.(TCO 1) Lets imagine this scenario. Development of a database system is about to start. Before development actually starts, the Director of Systems Development asks you to evaluate the database schema design and report your observations. Given this scenario what would you look for? Please discuss and explain.(Points : 40)




Question 2.2.(TCO 2) Explain entity integrity and referential integrity. Give an example of each.(Points : 40)




Question 3.3.(TCO 4) Conceptual design begins with a big-picture view, and before the . With this in mind, what is the first step in the conceptual design process for ERD construction? In your own words, describe how you would accomplish this first step.(Points : 40)




Question 4.4.(TCO 4) If you were given an ERD that contained an M:N relationship between Orders and Products, what would you need to do in order to create the tables and relationship in Access?(Points : 40)

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