Overall construction budget analysis



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Overall construction budget analysis
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Cost, the , is an item of discussion for any construction project. In general, with every project the owner will ask, what do you think it will cost? An owner, prior to moving forward on a project, will request a ballpark estimate for the project. What estimate for a final dollar amount, would you provide for each of the following projects:


1.A 2,500 sq. ft., two-story, residential house


2.A 1,500 sq. ft., out that is currently a vanilla-shell structure


3.A 12,000 sq. ft., new, single-level commercial office complex


In your discussion response, give your estimate for each project, and then answer the following questions:


How was your ?


What disclaimers, if any, would you give to the the estimates for each project?


Is this a valid estimate to provide to the owner at this stage of the project?


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