Phonological awareness in preschooler

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s is often cited as the single best predictor of . These skills include the ability to rhyme, discriminate syllables, and manipulate phonemes (add, delete, substitute and blend individual sounds). Review the three sample home/classroom activities located in the Readings and Resources section. As you review them, note the of these devices and the ability to tap into various learning styles, as well as, the opportunities for repetition, predictability, and mastery of the . Now create your own! For this discussion, provide three home or each of the following skills:

You might want to mention a favorite childrens book. If you are a Child Studies major perhaps refer to a lesson plan you have seen in your own practicum. If you are a Psychology major you may want to visit a popular website like Pinterest or Scholastic for ideas. Be creative!

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Phonological awareness in preschooler
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