Providing Citations Providing References

Providing References
There are three things you should do to provide references for your research report.
1. In the text itself, indicate (in words) where the information is coming from.
1. “A July 29 article in the USF Herald reports multiple …”
2. “According to the 2019 Crime Safety Report …”
3. “Comments on Reddit …”
Provide actual references in the text. For this report, I’d like you to use
numbered references. This means that rather than stating an author name
or year in your main text, simply include a reference number. In your works
cited section of the memo (which again, should like any other section of the
memo, and should not start on a new page), simply present a numbered list
of your sources. Present the sources in the order you use them in the report.
For online sources, please provide links.
Main text
An important recent problem on the USF campus is the presence of minotaurs,
cyclopses, hydras, and other mythological monsters residing in campus parking lots [1].
Neither USF police nor USF parking services are willing to remove these creatures [2].
We therefore need a new strategy for ensuring student safety and easy access to
Works Cited
1. “Strange creatures annoy students, faculty in on-campus parking lots.” USF
Oracle, February 30, 2019.
2. “Monster-slaying is not our job”. Online statement from USF Safety
Employees Union. April 31, 2019.
Works Cited Section
Note that I care very little (read: not at all) about the formatting of your Works Cited
section. For professional reports that you do in the future (in house reports, conference
reports, white papers, technical summaries, etc.) there will surely be an in-house style
you are expected to follow, and you should follow it. But since this style is highly
variable, I’m not convinced there is value in forcing you to follow any one particular style
here. So my one request here is: adopt any style of citation that you like, and use it
As stated above, I would simply like you to list your sources in the order in which they
appear. This makes the works cited section somewhat similar to an IEEE-style
reference section, but again, I am not requiring any particular formatting of the entries

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Providing Citations Providing References
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