Purpose of a Human Resources Strategic Plan

Manage human resources strategic planning


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Purpose of a Human Resources Strategic Plan
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1. Describ.

The purpose of HR Strategic Plan will help to specifies every organizations missions and goals that includes decision making on how resources will both capital and human resources will be allocated to meet the organizational goals. The purpose also includes assess the organization current workforce, set employees up for long term success, ensuring to meet organisational both operational plans and strategic goals, keep up the trends of technology, the social, the economic, new laws and legislative. The human resources strategic plan design its purpose to retain, attract and develop workforce that required in order to achieve overall mission of an organization to meet its current and future needs.


2. What are the advantages an organisation will gain by linking HR strategy with the strategic objectives of operations, finance, marketing and other functions of the organisation?


3. a. Compare the with the of HR strategy.

– People-centric alignment model is that the CEO of the company set first the goals. The managers need to report to the CEO to establish performance goals that link what the . Then individuals assigned that goals starting from the higher position of the organization. While the that all the objectives are defined first for the organization itself. All the department from the lower level to the higher positions needs to support what the organizational goal. Then, all the employee goals are connected or link directly to the high level of organizational objectives.


b. Which model do you think would you be more comfortable working with? Why?


I think the model would be more comfortable working with is the organisation-centric model because there are advantages that I can see in this model. First, because the goal is link everyone across the organization, everyone is allowing to contribute and involve and achieving the goals. This model also giving employees or encouraged employees to think or establish their own goals and share it into the high level to support their goals.


4. List and explain the different sections that should be included when developing HR strategic plans.


KEY ANSWERS: (these are already the answers, just expand it and make a paragraph)



1. Potential

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