Quick idea of the topics of the literature revie

Rubric for Assignment 3: Literature Review (10%)
The following piece of info should appear on the cover page:
Title of your topic?
Your name?
Your ID#
Comm 1312: Writing and Research
Section #
Dr. Runna Alghazo
Assignment 3: Literature Review
Introduction: Quick idea of the topics of the literature review,
such as the central theme and/or organizational pattern = preview
for the content of the body of the Literature Review.
10 points/1%
Body: Contains your discussion of sources/references and is
organized in a logical way using at least 5 subtopics/subtitles:
• Well-developed and comprehensive literature review
• Well-developed subtopics directly related to the research
• Including at least 8-10 references (in-text citations only)
within the body of the lit review).
• Summarizing, synthesizing, classifying, comparing, and
analyzing previous research done on the subject-in
relation to one another.
• Logical structure/flow of information.
50 Points/5%
Conclusion/Recommendations: Summarizing and discussing
what you have drawn from reviewing the literature so far. What
are the key findings of your lit review?
10 points/1%
Mechanics and APA (In-text Citations): Correct in-text
Correct in-text Citations throughout the lit review (at least 8-10
references within the body of the lit review); writing
quality/style, punctuation, grammar, spelling and capitalization
are correct, words are well-chosen, the writer uses own words,
use of headings/subtitles, topic sentences, third person, full
Note: no need to place a full reference list at the end.
30 Points/3%
Total 100/10%

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Quick idea of the topics of the literature revie
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