Resources: Academic Resources – NURS-FPX

11/12/21, 2:21 PM Resources: Academic Resources – NURS-FPX4060 – Fall 2021… 1/2
Resources: Academic Resources
The following resources will help you create and deliver an effective presentation.
Conquering Death by PowerPoint: The Seven Rules of Proper Visual Design.
A video primer on presentation design.
Approximate run time: 45:00.
Creating a Presentation: A Guide to Writing and Speaking.
This video addresses the primary areas involved in creating effective audiovisual presentations. You can
return to this resource throughout the process of creating your presentation to view the tutorial
appropriate for you at each stage.
How to make a flawless PowerPoint presentation. (2018). Nonprofit Communications Report, 16(12), 6.
Microsoft. (n.d.). Record a slide show with narration and slide timings. Office Support.
Microsoft Office Software.
This Campus resource includes tip sheets and tutorials for Microsoft PowerPoint.
PowerPoint Presentations Library Guide.
This library guide provides links to PowerPoint and other presentation software resources.
SoNHS Professional Presentation Guidelines [PPTX].
Yaffe, P. (2019). How to avoid death by PowerPoint: Steve jobs’ secret weapon. Association for Computing
Machinery, 2019(June), 19.
Lambert, J. (2016). Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. BarCharts, Inc.
Scholarly Writing and APA Style
Use the following resources to improve your writing skills and find answers to specific questions.
Academic Honesty & APA Style and Formatting.
APA Module.
Writing Center.
Library Research
Use the following resources to help with any required or self-directed research you do to support your coursework.
BSN Program Library Research Guide.
Journal and Book Locator Library Guide.
Capella University Library.
Library Research and Information Literacy Skills.
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11/12/21, 2:21 PM Resources: Academic Resources – NURS-FPX4060 – Fall 2021… 2/2
Online ePortfolio Guidelines [PDF].

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Resources: Academic Resources – NURS-FPX
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