Resources: Health Education – NURS-FPX4060

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Resources: Health Education
The following resources address the expanding role of the nurse in community and public health as an educator as
communities become more diverse with more complex health issues, and financial constraints grow. These resources
also provide insight into why interprofessional collaboration is even more important in achieving social justice and
equitable access to services to promote health and prevent disease in individuals, families, and aggregates in
culturally diverse communities.
Flanders, S. A. (2018). Effective patient education: Evidence and common sense. Medsurg Nursing, 27(1),
Loan, L. A., Parnell, T. A., Stichler, J. F., Boyle, D. K., Allen, P., VanFosson, C. A., & Barton, A. J. (2018), Call for
action: Nurses must play a critical role to enhance health literacy. Nursing Outlook, 66(1), 97100.
Ritchie, U. C., Turner, S. C., & Field, C. (2017). Development and utility of a medication self-assessment tool
for community-based healthcare services. Journal of Pharmacy Practice & Research, 47(2), 140146.
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.
(n.d.). Healthy People 2030.
World Health Organization. (n.d.). Health promoting schools.
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Resources: Health Education – NURS-FPX4060
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