Resources: Workflow and Data Mining – NURS-FPX4040

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Resources: Workflow and Data Mining
Baek, H., Cho, M., Kim, S., Hwang, H., Song, M., & Yoo, S. (2018). Analysis of length of hospital stay using
electronic health records: A statistical and data mining approach. PLoS ONE, 13(4), 1–16.
This study explores factors associated with length of hospital stay based on electronic health records.
USF Health. (n.d.). Data mining in healthcare.
This article explains how health care providers are using electronic health records to improve the
efficiency and quality of their organizations using data mining.
Heath, S. (2018). AMIA outlines data use guideline for patient-centered care,
Heath explains the AMIA data use guidelines for patient-centered care specifically in regard to how
medical professionals can look at the social determinants of health.
Heath, S. (2017). E-consent forms useful for patient data sharing in
The author reports on a study that shows that e-consent tools for patient data sharing in research need
more assurances of data security.
de Leoni, M., van der Aalst, W. M. P., & Dees, M. (2016). A general process mining framework for correlating,
predicting and clustering dynamic behavior based on event logs. Information Systems, 56, 235–257.
This study examines different process mining research techniques and proposes a new framework.
Meenan, C., Erickson, B., Knight, N., Fossett, J., Olsen, E., Mohod, P., . . . Langer, S. G. Workflow lexicons in
healthcare: Validation of the SWIM lexicon. Journal of Digital Imaging, 30(3), 255–266.
The authors of this study measured workflow steps in a real-world clinical setting to determine how
accurately departmental information systems captured patient flow.
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Resources: Workflow and Data Mining – NURS-FPX4040
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