School of Social Work Student Honor Pledge.

1 SOW 4522 Case Assessment *Client names have been changed due to assignment
SOW 4522 Case Assessment SAMPLE
I understand that as a social work student in FIU’s School of Social Work, I am a member of an
ethical community. By submitting this required coursework, I attest that I have followed the FIU
School of Social Work Student Honor Pledge.
I. Client Demographics
Gabriel* is a 16 year-old, White, Cuban-American male. Gabriel currently resides with Nora,
his 54 year-old mother, and Michael, his 58 year-old father. Alejandro, Gabriel’s 27 year-old
brother, recently moved to Tampa after getting married over the summer. Gabriel is
currently in the eighth grade at XYZ Middle School. Gabriel was well-groomed and appeared
to be of average height and weight for his age. He spoke clearly and made eye contact
intermittently, sometimes looking down during this interview. He was respectful of his
parents, did not interrupt or dismiss their concerns. He appeared concerned but engaged,
answering questions when asked.
II. Sources of Information
Gabriel was referred to First Stop for Families (FSFF) at Miami Bridge Youth and Families
Services Homestead branch due to an open truancy report in September of 2015. Gabriel’s
mother and father were present during the intake process and shared additional
information in this assessment. This is the client’s first time accessing services at Miami
III. Presenting Problem
Gabriel’s presenting problem is his open truancy report submitted to Miami-Dade County
Public Schools (MDCPS) by XYZ Middle School. This report reflects an accumulation of
twenty-three (23) unexcused absences for the 2014-2015 school year. According to MDCPS
protocols, the accumulation of 15 unexcused absences in a nine-week period is evidence
enough to file a truancy report against a student.
The client stated, “I like going to school but ever since my operation, it has been very
difficult to go every day. The pain is a distraction and I can’t focus on anything else but the
pain.” According to medical records presented to the social work intern by the client’s
parents during initial intake, Gabriel had scoliosis with a sixty-six degree (66°) deviation of
the spine. Client had extensive surgery on January 28, 2011 and was in recovery for two (2)
weeks at ABC Hospital and had months of recuperation at home. The client’s mother
stated, “That’s why he is absent sometimes. He can’t sit for too long; he needs to move
around. He has his yearly routine checkups and everything seems to be fine, but according
to the doctor it’s normal for him to have back pain.” Gabriel’s continuous absences caused
him to repeat the seventh (7th) and the eighth (8th) grade.
IV. History of Treatment Intervention(s)
2 SOW 4522 Case Assessment *Client names have been changed due to assignment
Gabriel has not received services for truancy previously. Gabriel participated in family
counseling in 2007 when his mother was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in 2007. Gabriel’s
parents found it imperative for all of them to attend family counseling in order to better
understand the diagnosis. According to the client’s mother, “family counseling proved to be
beneficial for all four of us and especially for Gabriel. He was so young we didn’t know how
to explain to him what was going on and the therapy really helped.” Family counseling
helped client express his emotions according to his mother.
V. Strengths/Resources/Coping Skills
Gabriel demonstrates a strong sense of resilience towards the health conditions he faces on
a daily basis. As stated by Gabriel, “I know that being sick with scoliosis caused me to miss
school and I even failed twice. But now that I have recuperated from scoliosis, I will not let it
stop me from accomplishing my goals. Scoliosis will not stop my life; I just have to learn to
accommodate it in my life.” Gabriel stated that he enjoys hands-on tasks like mechanics.
Client reported he spends most of his free time researching mechanics and learning as he
can. “Gabriel enjoys disassembling and reassembling anything; that’s why I know mechanics
is right for him He’s always been hands-on,” reported his father. Client has already been
accepted into a well-known high school where he will be able to work towards his high
school diploma as well as a degree in mechanics. Both parents demonstrated supportive of
their son as evidenced by their active participation in meetings regarding the client, their
participation in services provided, and their willingness to access help and resources he
needs to succeed in school.
VI. Recommended Interventions
Miami Bridge’s FSFF program provides case management during the client’s open truancy
case as well as individual counseling twice a month. Counseling sessions are held both at
XYZ Middle School and Gabriel’s home. Case management provides continuous monitoring
of both academic performance and attendance for the 2015 to 2016 school year. It was also
recommended that the client find other activities to support school involvement and
socialization. Gabriel has joined the technology club at school and has made several friends
that share common interests. This club meets three (3) times a week and he reported that
“It’s cool to find kids my age that want to be my friend and that like mechanics and
technology like I do”. Gabriel’s academic performance has yet to be evaluated as grades
have yet to be posted. Client’s parents have hired a private tutor to help client with
homework and academics and they meet twice a week at the home for one hour.
Miami Bridge services will continue as long as the truancy case is open. The Social Work
Intern will request Gabriel’s attendance records from XYZ Middle School every fifteen (15)
days. The Social Work Intern will continue to monitor client’s attendance records for a
period of ninety (90) days from initial intake. The Social Work Intern will also monitor
client’s academic performance using a bi-weekly progress report from each teacher.
A review of the client’s service plan will take place thirty (30) days after intake. Based on
client’s attendance records and academic grades, it will be determined whether his truancy
3 SOW 4522 Case Assessment *Client names have been changed due to assignment
case will be submitted to MDCPS as compliant and closed or if additional services will be

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