Self Assessment Essay And Career

Write an essay reflecting on your self-assessment inventories and OB exercises, completed for our course. You may include results from other self-assessment activities that you have completed outside of our course but that is optional.


Part I.This is to bean overview essay onwhat you see to be the most significant results andany patterns that you see in yourresults.


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Self Assessment Essay And Career
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Part II.Apply yourresults to your future career that is, howdo they relate to anfor youand to eithera companyor industry in which you would like to work.We will have special library resources availableto provide information onyour ideal job, company, industry, etc.




1.MBTI.Complete MBTI short inventory (located on Sakai Resources). on MBTI results, information from the bookDo What You Are(available from instructor), information fromvarious MBTI handoutsin class, and any other information on your MBTI type that youhaveor locate. How does the MBTI relate to you and careers?


2.Interests.Use any informationyou may have based on self-reflection about your interests or what you really enjoy doing and want to do. One of the most powerfulindicators of what people will be good at doing is what they want to do or are interested in doing!Note:Strong Interest Inventory.If you have taken this (e.g., in BUSA 190/201), you may use thefeedback that you received.


3.Emotional Intelligence(EI).Summarize yourresults on our on EI. You may also include information from our textbook about E.I., as it relates to your E.I. results. How will you use this? Will there be changes that you will make in your reactions to others and to situations? Are there things that you will want to be observant of when you are interacting in organizational situations.


4.Values.Based onresults of yourin-classValuesand Job Satisfactionexercise(on p.89 of ourtextbook),the description of values inCh. 5 ofour textbook, and your own introspection about your foundational values, describe your personal values in your essay. Includehow your values will influence your choice of an organizational setting andstyle of organizational culture. Include reflectiononyour resultsfrom the OrganizationalCultureInventory(Sakai Resources).


5.Interpersonal styles and skills.Based on the results ofclass exercisesand on your own introspection, describe some of the ways in which your own personal style(e.g., personality)might interface with other personal styles in organizational settings. Youmayinclude yourMBTIresults in your reflection on this.


6.Motivation.Based on your results fromvarious class exercises, self-assessment inventories, motivation handouts: describe what motivatesyou inorganizational settings. Ourexercises-handouts includetopics such as needs (ERG &McClellands), rewards, enriched jobs, etc.


7.Team skills.Describe your team skills. What resources do you bring to a team?How can you help ateam work-through the challengesof group dynamics? How can you aid the team in the process of getting its work done? What special strengths do you have for team work? What team roles do you play?Base your analysis on what you have learned about yourself from the above self-assessment activities, the self-assessment form on building and leading teams (Sakai), and onclass handouts about teamwork skills. You may also include otherinformation on team processes that you may have from other courses.


8.Other information.You may include any other informationthat you want, for example, information about your preferredand bestskills.





Please Include the FollowingTwo Sections:


1.ResearchanIdealJob(based onfindings inyour Self- Assessment Essay). Summarizejob duties of interest to you,qualifications requiredfor the job, the salary range, the outlook for future openings, etc.


2.Researcha company or industry in which you haveinterest (again, based on findings inyour Self-AssessmentEssay). Summarize details about thecompany orindustry, the outlook for jobs there, etc.




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