Service and information concerning marketing



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Service and information concerning marketing
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Cover Sheet

# Companys name, address, phone/fax numbers, and the name of a contact.

Executive Summary

Should be short, usually no longer than two or three pages), yet summarizes all the highlights contained in the remainder of the Plan. Information that should be covered in the Executive Summary includes:

# Company name, address and phone number

# Purpose of the Plan

# Amount and purpose of the desired financing and how loan will be repaid

# Management team make up

# Product/Service and and customer potential

# Abbreviated financial information

Table of Contents

# As detailed as possible, with page numbers for easy reference.

The Company, including Management

# Description of company, including size, ownership and form (proprietorship, corporation, etc.)

# Short and long term goals

# Principal owner-managers (list everyone owning more than five (5) percent)

# Management teams make up, responsibilities and skills (include detailed biography in Appendix Section at end of plan)

# Board of Directors

# External advisors such as accountants, lawyers

# SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

Mission/Vision Statement

# Mission Statement

# Company Vision

Products or Services

# Description of Product/Service

# Advantages of Product/Service

# Proprietary Features

# Product Development Activities

# Product Liability

Industry Analysis

# Industry Overview

# Company Niche

# Industry Participants

# Industry Trends and Growth Patterns

Marketing Information

# Market size and history, demographics and size of customer base

# Your cost versus competition

# Competition, and how you plan to compete to gain market share

# Competitive edge (why your products/services will be successful)

# Pricing and profitability of products/services

# Advertising and promotion plans

# Marketing strategy, distribution channels and sales force

Facilities and Operations

# Location and description of facilities

# Capital equipment requirements

# Labor force needs

# Cost and quality control

# Suppliers and extent of outsourcing, if any

# Major Risks

# Major Obstacles to Success

Financial Information

If possible, have an outside source (such as an independent accountant or the SBDC at a nearby university) prepare the following information

# Desired financing, use of proceeds (provide quotes from sources such as , contractors, etc. in the Appendix section)

# Payback and collateral

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