Skills to design effective organization cybersecurity

Writing Assignment Course Objectives: Develop Skills to design effective organization cybersecurity standards and policies. Private Sector-Public Sector cybersecurity issues Some observers say industry compliance with government regulations to improve cybersecurity is necessary to protect consumers and guard economic progress. Others state that regulation is a drag on industry, and . Answer the following questions — you may use the links provided below to begin your research, but you must find new, additional, citations to supplement these to show that you did extra research. Focus on the goals of private businesses, and the goals of lawmakers for economic progress and economic security – 1. Focusing on the goals of private businesses, and the goals of lawmakers for economic progress and economic security, select one , describe the general business goals by using information on the web sites of one or two business within this industry, and explain why meta-data about customers and consumers is important to businesses within this industry. (here, meta-data means Big-Data collected about consumers to determine customer habits). 2. Describe some likely instances that demonstrate when the gathering of meta-data by businesses within this example industry may not be good for the customer. Use citations to support your arguments about how some action or result related to collection of meta-data may be harmful to customers. 3. What possible activities should lawmakers consider regulating to control the way that this example industry gathers and uses meta-data? 4. What are the goals of lawmakers in the public sector — or why should lawmakers even think regulating these possible industry activities is useful? 5. What might happen to the goals of this industry, and to the public sector goals, as more are put in place for business compliance?

Background: Possible effects on innovation due to cybersecurity government regulations — 1. Tech Companies Warn Privacy Rules Will Kill Innovation [2012] 2. Hospitals say Device Manufacturers Resist Boosting Cybersecurity < http://www.ihealthbeat.. U.S. of Cybersecurity Bill [2012] Length 8-10 pages Prepare your paper in Word format and in accordance with APA 6th edition guidelines. The paper must include: cover page, table of contents, introduction, section headings and subheadings, conclusions, APA compliant in-text citations and list of references, and page numbers. The page count starts with the introduction and ends with the conclusions. The questions asked in the assignment should first be outlined (the outline is not included in the document), then the outline should be used to create the Table of Contents and the document sub-headings. The Introduction should briefly preview each sub-heading in the document.

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Skills to design effective organization cybersecurity
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