Social Structure Case Assignment

Social Structure

Case Assignment

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Social Structure Case Assignment
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In this case assignment, you will prepare a 3-5 page essay on the questions below. Be sure to support your answers with citations and a reference list.

1. Why do you think that the incomes of the CEO’s are so disproportionate [Not balanced, a dramatic imbalance] to the average person’s?

2. Review the “Myths Versus Facts About the Poor” section in the background materials. How might these myths have started? Why?

3. Why might PRWORA (Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act) be so controversial? In your opinion, was this an effective measure or not?

4. What might you predict about the future of poverty and women? Why?

Assignment Expectations

Cite your sources inside your work and in a reference section.

In preparing your Module 3 CASE, you need to demonstrate that you have learned the concepts and outlined in the modular learning objectives above.

Be sure that to use section headings for each of the topics you address in your paper, followed by a discussion of that topic.

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