Solutions to climate change

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the causes, effects, and solutions to climate change.

Thesis Statement:Today, I will be looking at one of the biggest challenges facing the whole right now, and that is climate change. Climate change results from changes in climate patterns due to human and natural activities that have been misused. Significant contributors to climate change are human-made, and luckily, they can be solved when we combine our efforts.

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Solutions to climate change
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Attention Getter: NASA published an article on 21st November 2017 addressing the issue of global climate change. NASA has been working effortlessly to minimize the effect of global climate change, and recently, we heard that it had developed NASA tools. This particular tool links changes in sea levels of around 293 global port cities. More specifically, the tool links change witnessed in vulnerable regions, such as Greenland and the Antarctic Peninsula, where ice lands are melting rapidly. Such development will to prepare for rising sea levels for years to come.

Establishment of Ethos:Has any of you seen a documentary film called“An Inconvenient Truth”?I was astonished at how the earth was rapidly changing for the worse. That is why I choose climate change as my topic, to learn and understand more about climate change and inform everyone here about climate change, its effects, and solutions.

Preview of Main Points:First, I would like to give a brief history of climate change, followed by a discussion on what climate change is, its cause, effect, and solution.

(Transition:I will provide a brief history or background information ofclimate change)



Understanding how climate change is affecting the world

After analyzing an article by NASA on climate change, I can say that climate change is a reality, and it is happening so fast than most scenarios ever predicted.

Climate change is not only an environmental crisis, as many people choose to believe, but it is an all-encompassing threat from health to agriculture, from peace and security to the global economy.

Bleak signs of climate change include; droughts, Storms, and rising sea levels.

Internal Summary:I am sure that everyone here is a victim of , be it floods, drought, hurricane, and the list go on. Many of us feel that strategic measures need to be put in place to avoid these calamities in the future.

(Transition:Let us get into depth about climate change by defining what it is.)

II.Defining Climate Change

Climate change is a change in the average weather condition such as rainfall and temperature that persist for longer periods.

Climate change is posing a threat that should be taken seriously. I also emphasize that awareness should not be confined to scientists only. It is necessary to usher this knowledge to the common person too.

The way population is rapidly increasing, the pressure on Earth in the coming days will undoubtedly increase critically. A deep concern is how air and water have been polluted in recent times.

Internal Summary:We all share this Earth, and we are all destroying it together; and I do not know about you, but I am enjoying my time here, and I would like future generations to be able to enjoy it as well. We should all care about the well-being of the Earth.


Transition:(thoughts on global warming, causes and effects since it is one of the heated topics of the 21st century).

III.Causes and Mitigation Alternatives.

An intergovernmental climate change panel research shows that the average temperature has increased by two to about 8.6 degrees globally.

The increasing rate of global temperatures results from an increase in the emission of greenhouse gases, carbon released when burning fuel, and such as smoke and diesel.

When climate change is enormous, the balance of the ecosystem on a global scale is disturbed, resulting in significant health risks like cancer due to increased radiation and water-borne diseases like malaria and cholera.

Strategic measures to curb climate change include the use of public transport, not throwing the waste materials, saving water and not overusing it, avoiding, using jute or paper bags should be used instead of plastic bags and cloth; by following these methods, we can undoubtedly help save our climate to some extent.

Internal Summary: Some people assert that climate change is more of a natural occurrence. Indeed, we have witnessed naturally occurring climate change since the Earth was formed, but none of the natural causes of climate variation can account for the climate changes we observe today.

Transition to the Conclusion:allow me to cap causes, effects, and solutions of climate change with my final thoughts on the topic.


1.Summarize:we have talked about what climate change is, its causes, effects, and mitigation alternatives

2.Tie to the Introduction:To inform my audience of climate change’s causes, effects, and solutions. To do this, I introduced a documentary that gives insight regarding global warming and elucidates what global warming is and how we can mitigate the process.

3.Creative concluding thought:I hope all of you understand the effects of climate change and are willing to help slow down the process. Climate change is no joke. If we do not do something about it now, it will be too late. We can all take action today because up.


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