Staffing fire prevention bureaus

Argue (for or against) staffing fire prevention bureaus with either uniformed firefighters or civilian personnel. In addition, discuss what qualifications are a must for each level within the prevention division.


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Staffing fire prevention bureaus
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Many experts in research design return to the importance of interpreting the findings of a research project. Complete these tasks for this week’s discussion:

· Explain two reasons why this is an essential element in a high-quality research report.

· Then, discuss two benefits of examining and understanding the intrinsic meaning of the data.

· Lastly, explain three disadvantages of going too far beyond the scope of the data.


topic focuses on a trend in advertising we’ve all noticed – direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising of prescription drugs. Should prescription drugs be advertised to the general public? Why or why not? What are the risks and concerns? What are the benefits?


If you were an educator/guest lecturer for parents of young children, what do you think are the most important concepts for parents to understand about the role of early childhood experiences in development?  Give  at least 3 examples about experiences parents should provide to young children and provide support for your choices.


This discussion includes several steps. Please complete the following steps and write an initial post answering the questions:

1. Please go to this website and take the Project Implicit test. a. Select the Project Implicit Social Attitudes link. b. Read through the information here and select I wish to proceed at the bottom of the page (keep in mind that the information they want to gather from you is optional and you do not have to give any information about yourself to see the results) c. Scroll down and select the Race IAT link d. Read through the information and select Continue e. On this page, you can either answer the Questions in the Questionnaire or select Decline on each question f. You can then answer the Demographic questions or select Decline to Answer for each question g. After going through the Demographic questions, you will see the instructions for the Project Implicit test. Follow these instructions and complete the test. At the end of the test, you will see your results.

2. Consider the Project Implicit test that you took and what you learned this week about validity and reliability. Do you think that the Project Implicit test is valid? Is the Project Implicit test really exploring your implicit bias or do you think the test has limitations? What about the method they use of clicking letters on the keyboard to determine internal bias? What type of measurement error could emerge through the method used in the Project Implicit test?

3. Do you believe that the Project Implicit test is reliable? Would you likely get the same results if you took the Project Implicit test 10 times in a row?

4. How would we test the validity or reliability of the Project Implicit test? How could we improve the Project Implicit test to be more valid or reliable?

5. Now, think about other surveys, quizzes, or tests that you have taken in the past. For example, a survey about your political views. Was that survey valid? Did that survey explore the actual topic of the survey? Was this survey reliable? What is the importance of having a reliable and valid measurement?


Just as gangs pose a threat to law enforcement agencies in free society, Security Threat Groups (STGs) pose a threat to the security within our nation’s prisons and jails.

In your initial response, describe what constitutes a STG in an incarceration facility. Next, discuss the reasons why inmates that were not part of a gang in a free society may decide to join a STG while incarcerated. Finally, identify at least one strategy that correctional administrators might implement to control and monitor STGs within a correctional facility.

In your response posts to classmates, evaluate the strategy for controlling and monitoring STGs within a correctional facility.



Twenty years ago, Johnny killed his wife in a fit of rage when he came home one night and saw her in bed with another man. Based on the mandatory sentencing guidelines at the time of his conviction, Johnny was sentenced to life in prison without any opportunity for parole.

For the past 20 years, Johnny has been a model prisoner. He finished his college degree and worked as a cook in the prison kitchen. One day, a fight in the mess hall between two other prisoners resulted in the death of one prisoner and several injuries to prison guards. At the time, Johnny was working in the kitchen and took no role in the fight.

After the fight, the warden of the prison imposed a series of punishments. First, the warden ordered a 24-hour lockdown of the prison. This lockdown lasted 10 days, during which prisoners were not allowed out of their cells.

Second, the warden ordered that prisoners be deprived of all “treats” including adult magazines, reading materials, caffeinated sodas, candy, and desserts; visiting privileges for all prisoners were halted for one year.

Finally, and perhaps worst, the warden decided to isolate the most violent prisoners for an extended period. Because of Johnny’s murder conviction, the warden ordered Johnny to serve six months in solitary confinement.

After doing his time in solitary, Johnny filed an internal complaint with the warden. In his complaint, Johnny argued that the warden’s punitive measures violated his Eighth Amendment rights. The warden denied Johnny’s complaint and Johnny then filed a complaint in the federal court.


Choose one case from the history of science that illustrated the treatment of underrepresented populations. First, define the population. A population is a general description of the underrepresented group;  for example, “women”, “People with Disabilities”, and “African Americans” are all examples of populations (although there are others).  Next, describe the event, including details about the event itself as well as its significance to the development of science. Finally, emphasis the impact on both society and direct impact on underrepresented population.

please represent the warden, who is most likely represented by the government.  Show, using case law and other legal arguments, how the warden’s measures did not constitute violations of the Eighth Amendment.


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