Statement focusing on instructions

You have done a wonderful job here.  One thing though is that while you have presented some great ideas, there is a lack of evidence here.  In making your adjustments, you will need to truly develop and follow through with your thesis statement focusing on the instructions for this week.   You will also need to provide three evidence based pieces of literature while completing a 600-word paper without using repeated direct quotes.  As a standard and general rule, websites may not acceptable as they are not necessarily peer reviewed evidence based materials, but are secondary materials which may or may not be true or factual. Please see the JFL Library as a resource to help you to find evidence based materials.  Also, your paper will need to be written in third person and developed based on feedback provided last week.  Your thesis statement would be evident should help you to progress to a conclusion.  The feedback from last week will help you to take steps to completing the paper.  There are tools also listed in the announcement section from the past weeks which will aid you in the development of the assignment paper as well.  As always, feel free to reach out to me via email with any questions.  I have also posted in the discussion thread as a sample of what is expected as far as a developed evidence based paper which meets all requirements.

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Statement focusing on instructions
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