States are prohibiting texting while driving



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States are prohibiting texting while driving
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Certain states are prohibiting texting while driving (Hilbert, 2011).

Anyone found is caught and fined.

The authority involved also give citations.

Such records affect one in the future.

As the correlation between auto accidents and texting while driving escalates, many municipalities and states are passing legislation making it illegal to text and drive. Those who are caught will be issued a citation by a policeman who will most likely be quite perturbed at the drivers ignorance and poor decision after witnessing the devastating effects of texting and driving at accident sites. A text message that reads ok isnt worth a couple hundred dollar fine.



Negative records have a great impact.

Citations for texting and driving are a good example.

Insurances increase their rates for people with such citations.

One faces extra costs that are avoidable.

You think your auto insurance premium is too expensive now? Just wait until your insurance company finds out that you have received a citation for texting and driving! If texting and driving is included in the police report for an accident or wreck for which you are held responsible, youll notice an even more significant rate increase. In some cases, you policy might be dropped completely.



Texting while driving diverts ones attention.

The eyes become glued to the phone.

It is worse if the texts cause strong emotions.

The driver becomes unable to concentrate

Texting sees to it that divided attention is given on the road and since two masters cannot be served at the same time, it keeps them focused on the text that they are sending. If the texts seem to cause feelings of anger or joy, then one tends to keep texting back regardless of being on the road. While most individuals might claim that they only spend a second or so sending out the text, most researchers indicate that people that text while around 5 8 seconds looking at the screen of their phones rather than the roadway.



Texting requires the use of ones hands.

It may be one or both hands.

Keeping control of the steering wheel becomes difficult.

Swerving therefore is inevitable.

How exactly do people generally text? If you are a novice texter you might use both hands, your fingers to cradle the phone and your thumbs to actually press in the keys. If you are a more advanced texter, you might only need the use of one hand. Either way, you are either taking both hands off of the wheel or taking one hand off the wheel. This can make it much harder to maintain control of your vehicle in the event of an emergency. It is highly recommended that you keep both hands on your vehicle at all times.



Texting is bound to cause crashes.

With both eyes and hands on the phone, navigation becomes difficult.

Pedestrians and other motorist become victims.

Loss of lives or permanent injuries are recorded.

Texting is more hazardous than drinking while intoxicated (Noyola, 2013).

Humans are smaller and less noticeable than vehicles, making the likelihood of you seeing a pedestrian in your peripheral vision while looking at your . Countless crashes are not caused by flagrantly intoxicated people, nor that aggressive driver who will do whatever it takes to get to their destination one minute earlier. Most crashes are caused by people like you and me who think they can pay attention to the road and do something else like texting at the same time. Texting can always wait.



Noyola, E. (2013). The danger of texting and driving : Sour Apple. McAllen, Texas: .

Hilbert, R. (2011). Distracted driving. New York: Nova Science Publishers.

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