Strategy to communicate statistical results

Assignment Objectives

Distinguish various statistical analysis tools that may be used for healthcare management processes such as needs analysis, market assessment, outcome evaluation, forecasting and quality improvement

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Strategy to communicate statistical results
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Develop a strategy to communicate statistical results


Develop a strategy for data collection using appropriate statistical tools

15-20 slides including title and reference page. APA format on references and in body citations and throughout entire assignment. 100-150 words per speaker note per slide and 4-6 bullet points on each slide.

In Week 4, you identified some immediate areas of concern that you were able to effectively address. You must present the final phase of your improvement plan to your staff and upper-level management. You will create a presentation of 15-20 slides addressing the following areas:

In preparation for the accreditation visit for AKT, choose 1 health care accrediting and credentialing organization.

Select a quality improvement focus (QIF) area to in beyond the 3 issues that you identified and addressed in Week 4.

Discuss the selected accreditation agency related to the QIF and why the organization is seeking this particular agency for credentialing.

As part of the quality improvement initiative, select 3-4 related accrediting standards that the organization will use as the basis for the .

Provide a clear mission statement and set of 3-4 specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely (SMART) goals for the QIF initiative.

Using the online database provided the by the organization you selected conduct an analysis.

Provide general statistical data related to the QIF.

Discuss specific health care examples of local, state, and national policies that have been developed to improve this QIF based on .

What internal policies do you plan to implement based on to ensure your organization meets these standards?

Develop a plan that includes strategies for your facility to improve patient outcomes regarding the QIF.

Describe how the QIF initiative can be incorporated to the organizations overall strategic plan.

Describe how you plan to evaluate the effectiveness of the initiative.


Each slide will have 4-6 bullets and 100-150 words of speakers notes and pictures.

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