Survey On Inevitability Of War

War A sample of 200 teenagers shows that 50 believe that war is inevitable, and a sample of 300 people over age 60 shows that 93 believe war is inevitable. Is the proportion of teenagers who believe war is inevitable different from the proportion of people over age 60 who do? Use

a= 0.01. Find the for the difference of the two proportions.

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Survey On Inevitability Of War
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14.HypertensionIt has been found that 26% of men

20 years and from hypertension () and 31.5% of women are hypertensive. A random sample of 150 of each gender was selected from , and the following results were obtained. Can you conclude that a higher percentage of women have high blood pressure? Usea= 0.05.

Men 43 patients had high blood pressure Women 52 patients had high blood pressure


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