The declaration and subsequent issuance

14) How would the declaration and subsequent issuance of a 10% stock dividend by the issuer affect each of the following when the market value of the shares exceeds the of the stock?

| Paid-in Capital
A. Increase | Increase
B. No effect | No effect
C. Increase | No effect
D. No effect | Increase

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The declaration and subsequent issuance
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15) At its date of incorporation, Wilson, Inc. issued 100,000 shares of its $10 par at $11 per share. During the current year, Wilson acquired 20,000 shares of its common stock at a price of $16 per share and accounted for them by the cost method. Subsequently, these shares were reissued at a price of $12 per share. There have been no other issuances or acquisitions of its own common stock. What effect does the reissuance of the stock have on the following accounts?
Retained Earnings | in Capital
A. No effect | No effect
B. Decrease | Decrease
C. Decrease | No effect
D. No effect | Decrease

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