The elements of fiction of Bradbury’s story

There will is a story composed by Bradbury on a house that stands

unblemished in California city, and it is devastated by an atomic bomb throughout the late spring

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The elements of fiction of Bradbury’s story
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of 2026. For instance, this is a story that focuses on a solitary house after an atomic impact had

crushed Allendale’s rest in the year 2026 (Bradbury). The story likewise discusses the day the

house dies after its occupants were killed after the impact. All that remaining parts after the

occupants were executed are four silhouettes on the west exterior wall of the house, even though

the house keeps on going on its everyday business regardless of the destruction of human life,

according to Ray in the . In light of the above, the paper discusses,

“There will ,” according to Bradbury. The mechanical house walls announce the

date, critical occasions of the day, and the climate. Although the gods had disappeared, and the

custom of the religion proceeded senselessly and useless.

The elements of fiction of Bradbury’s story “There will come soft rains” takes place in

August 2026. For example, the story starts as a typical day, and a nuclear bomb ends up

destroying everything except the wall of the silhouettes house of a family who used to live there,

but they died. In addition, the house goes through its routine, although no one is living there

(Bradbury). For instance, the house keeps its normal peace and does not allow anything to get

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near it, even a bird. The fallen tree crashes into the house, and the house begins to die to the fact

that it catches fire from the lighted stove. Therefore, the house starts to go awol because it tries to

save itself, but the fire overcomes it.

Ray Bradbury’s story, “There will come soft rains,” has a dependency theme, empathy,

suffering, and nature. The story is narrated in the third person, and after the reader has read the

story, they may realize that Bradbury is exploring the theme of affliction even though it leaves

the reader a creative mind on what may have happened to the people in the house. However, the

four silhouettes on the wall suggest that they might be victims of the nuclear apocalypse. The

house remains to stand, although the victims of the house are dead (Bradbury). This makes the

reader understand that nuclear apocalypse occurred, which caused instant death to the entire

family who owned the house. In addition, Bradbury’s story suggests that nobody will survive due

to nuclear apocalypse, which is a warning to society. Although, something that is obvious to the

reader is that the story was composed five years in 1950 after the nuclear explosions in Nagasaki

and Hiroshima.

According to Bradbury, it is perceptible that machines and robots operate the house. For

example, these include; running the bath, cooking meals, and which poem to listening to, which

is run by the machines. According to Bradbury, this suggests that in the future, everything will be

run by machines. The story also indicates that there is no sense of mourning in the story in which

the only creature alive is the dog. Later, the dog dies, and it is disposed of, which shows that the

robots and the machines do not care about any living creature (Bradbury). Therefore, according

to Bradbury, the price that the humankind will pay is the nuclear apocalypse in which there is no

hint of mankind or some other living creature.

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Bradbury suggests how pointless it may be to have an automated house. For instance, the

robots and the machines continue with their daily duties even though there is no one in the house.

Although they might still provide comfort to any individual, they are still considered useless

because there is no point in their daily duties if there is no one in the house. According to

Bradbury, people need to slow down on technology rather than have the whole industry move

forward (Bradbury). For instance, the robots and the story’s machines are either sensory or timed

in which they do not think for themselves. However, they suffer as all humans because the house

gets on fire.

Bradbury’s short story takes up a concern of the mid-20th century. For instance, the

nuclear bomb’s development during the 1940s prompted the dread that the robots are replacing

the people. A few people believed that technological development’s pace might overwhelm

human capacity, while others believed that their jobs might someday belong to the robots.

Bradbury focuses on the robots’ theme over the people in the short story (Bradbury). For

example, the stove prepares its morning meal, and the little robot mice clean the house; this is a

situation that the robots have replaced the people. Consequently, the reader is left to wonder what

is left of the human occupants because the humans’ technological development has destroyed all

humans on the earth.

The machines serve as both a hindrance and help, which is another theme in the story. For

example, the machines act as a great benefit to the house because they clean the whole house. In

addition, the stove prepares breakfast and washes dishes, and the robot cleaners swoop up the

residue particles. However, an atomic occasion has prompted the devastation of all human life

because of innovation. The story’s setting is intended to occur later on in which the house is

situated in Allendale, California (Bradbury). The story setting helps the reader remember the

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supportive voice of the house because of the robots, which declares the time and the day of the

planned activities. Accordingly, the story shows the hints of human occupants wherein the

symbolism uncovers the outlines of a man, a lady, and two children.

The lunch is made, the nursery prepares itself for the children and the furniture is

arranged for the card game. Even the dog cannot prevent the house from performing its task. In

the evening a voice inquires Mrs. McClellan which poem she would like to listen to, and if there

is no response it begins reading Sara Teasdale poem. The main theme of the poem is that the

earth will continue to go on even tin the extinction of mankind. Fire breaks out in the house

which is caused by a tree limb being blown onto the stove. In addition, the annihilation of the

human race serves as the basis of the story (Bradbury). The story was published in 1950 after the

nuclear attacks on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The Silhouettes of the people burned in the house

shows the images of the citizens of Japan who were vaporized due to the atomic bomb.

According to Bradbury, the increasing attention on automation and technology was growing in

the society at that time. For example, the house does everything for the people who live there and

their daily lives can be seen in their absence. Technology does not represent the growth of the

society but it is a repetitious tedium of life. According to Bradbury, the house keeps on going

with its daily activities and in the end, it cannot save itself or its residents.

In conclusion, the introduction of fire is significant in the story, which explains that

nature does not care if humanity exists or not. For instance, the last remaining house has been

beaten by fire, driven by the wind. This is a better clarification that nature can crush humanity’s

last relics, whether they believe it or not, which include the fire and the wind. Not even the

machines can defeat nature; this leaves the reader that nature will continue as it always has, and

it does not need mankind or mankind’s struggle for power.

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