The main independent and dependent variables

Students must evaluate and report on 6 sources related to your in Research Assignment 1. At least 4 these sources must be .

This should follow the basic outline of your when you analyzed a .

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The main independent and dependent variables
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Requirements for Assignment 3:
For each of the 6 sources, complete the following information:
1. Provide citation of source in APA format

Do Judges Vary In Their Treatment Of Race

2. Identify the research question
3. Identify and describe the hypothesis
4. Describe the methodology briefly – sample size and characteristics? How was the data gathered?
5. Identify the main independent and dependent variables
6. Discuss the key findings
7. Close by describing how it relates to your research question

These seven steps should be accomplished in a couple of paragraphs for each source – so at the end you should have approximately 12 paragraphs. Or, you can chose to use a table format that has cells for each of the seven requirements … for each of the 6 sources.

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