The manager of the Engineering and R&D department

Application 10

In order to successfully change the organization, we need to identify the key stakeholders and change agents. We have determined that Jane Ricter and Bob Cuellar are the major stakeholders that we need to be concerned with. The manager of the Engineering and R&D department and the actual engineers are the change agents we need to influence most. We must be effective in change management activities such as motivating change, creating a vision, developing political support, managing transition, and sustaining momentum. We need to focus on creating readiness for change by sensitizing the organization, identifying gaps between actual and desired states, and portray credible positive expectations. One of the most important components we must focus on is creating a vision. By creating a vision, we ensure that management and employees have a common goal to work towards.

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The manager of the Engineering and R&D department
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Possible Vision:

We plan to allow and encourage innovation by having the most well-trained, talented, and rewarded employees in the industry. We want to ensure that we consistently introduce new technologies in order to be the leader of the industry.

Once we have identified the vision, we must identify the target of change. We have determined that the tape storage product is in the declining stage of the product life cycle. Our goal is to get as much revenue for as long as possible from tape storage. In order to do this, we need to find a way to slow down the decline of tape storage. The easiest way to do this, would be to increase sales. As tape storage declines we need to encourage faster growth of attached storage, so that it can take the place of tape storage. We suggest that Keller gradually decrease the amount of resources allotted to tape storage. Currently, there are 20 engineers working on tape storage; we need to gradually decrease the number of engineers from tape storage and redirect them to work on attached storage or on creating a new product. Our goal is to have a continuous cycle of one product growing as the other declines. In order to successfully change the organization, we must implement a strategic intervention, human resources intervention, and technostructural intervention.

Human resources intervention- this intervention focuses on developing, integrating, and supporting people in the organization. It , rewards systems, goal setting, and performance appraisals.

Goal setting involves setting clear and challenging goals to improve organization effectiveness. Managers and other employees meet to plan work, review accomplishments, and solve problems.

Performance appraisals are a systematic process of reviewing achievements, strengths, and weaknesses. It provides performance feedback to individuals and groups. It allows employees to see if they are achieving goals.

Reward systems involve rewarding employees to improve satisfaction and performance. Rewards can include pay, promotions, and other benefits.

By implementing a human resource intervention, we can create a system that sets goals, evaluates performance, and then rewards employees when goals are met. Our objective will be to set clear and challenging goals to increase sales in San Jose. We will use performance appraisals to assess the number of sales being made. Performance appraisals would allow us to see if goals are being reached. We will implement a rewards system to improve job satisfaction and job performance. Employees will have more incentives to reach goals and sale more of the product. By allowing employees the opportunity to receive rewards, we will also increase job satisfaction, which in turn could lower the intent to turnover.

Strategic Interventions

These interventions align the organization with the environment. They basically link the organizations internal functions to the environment at large hence transforming the organization to keep up with the changing features. Aside from that, strategic interventions help organizations to better understand their current situation, their environment as well as enable them to target their strategies for collaborating and competing with the other organization in a better way .Organizations can also include the following in their strategic interventions; vision, mission, strategic planning, purpose, goal setting, SWOT, benchmarking and culture change.

Technostructural Interventions

These interventions on the other hand focus on improving the effectiveness and human development of the organization through focusing on structure and technology. These interventions are rooted in the fields of psychology, engineering and sociology in combination with job analysis, technical systems and job design. A deficit approach which is the idea of finding problems to solve is utilized by this form of intervention. however focus on improving the technology; job design and task methods and structure; hierarchy and labor division of an organization. The following can also be included in techno-structural interventions; , organizational structure, socio-technical systems, knowledge management, organizational systems, organizational learning, job design and competency-based management .

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