The Report Process And Research Methods

You will be building up a formal, that culminates in a recommendation to implement a particular product, service, or program in your place of employment. This , service, or program should resolve a problem that you identify in your workplace and should be directed to your employer (even if you do not actually plan to share it with your employer).
Use the basic outline below to draft your paper. Organize your responses to each question under the :

  • Problem Statement (for Question 1)
  • Overview of Alternatives (for Question 2)
  • Criteria (for Question 3)
  • Methods (for Question 4)

Write a two (2) page, in which you:

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The Report Process And Research Methods
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1. Describe in detail a problem at work, persuading and convincing the reader that it needs fixing.

2. Provide a detailed description of two (2) possible solutions (“alternatives”) that could be implemented to resolve the problem identified in Question 1.

3. Describe five (5) criteria that you will use to measure the worth of each alternative in Criterion 2.Note: The alternative that satisfies the most criteria to the highest degree will be the one you recommend later to your employer. Criteria are standards that the audience values and are therefore used to measure the worth of each alternative (common examples include cost, desirability, durability, efficiency, time it will take to implement, and practicality).

4. Describe in detail how you will conduct the research needed to determine the to your employer

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