The role that ethos plays in writing

I need to write 3 discussion(like 3 piece of small writing,each need 200 words) in my writing class, each need around 220 words

it’s a discussion part of my writing class. The professor will not grade about it but he would check if I finished this assignment or not. I just need to let him know I had finished this discussions part and not required a high quality.

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The role that ethos plays in writing
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I also can give you the many examples about this three topics which written by my classmate also in this class which easy for you to understand what you need to write.(You also can look a glance the prompt and the related reading and write based on others answers and write a new conclusion)

each discussion I have 10 answers that already written by others.


A talk to teacher

1. Baldwin is speaking in America in 1963 and is addressing what is, in that moment, a national crisis. What parts of that situation are different from our current moment and need to be “listened to rhetorically” (p. 5-7 of the AGWR) and translated in order for us to understand his message now as it was understood then?

2. Thinking of ourselves as writers writing to a current audience, what parts of our own context (historical or cultural) do we need to to and be careful with when writing about Baldwin in order to shape our own ethos and not be misunderstood by our own audience? Are there problematic issues or differences in language, etc. that we need to handle with sensitivity in order to keep a good ethos with our readers?

Prompt1 sample:Those parts that African Americans cannot sit in the front of the bus. And, they work so hard at that time. Also, the neighborhood they lived is different from the same place right now. At past, black and white people were separated. Black people were supposed to be “a source of cheap labor.” These situations are different from our current moment, and in order for us to understand these, we should understand by ethos.

In order to write to a current audience, we need to pay attention to the language we use when we write our own cultural essays. For example, at that time, he wrote African American people “were treated as though they were animals.” And he wrote that white men were “white republic.” These sarcastic words may produce issues if we write our own context to current audience. Because of different situations between now and past, we should pay attention to these words to give our audience a our context.


Englishing the Iliad: Grading Four Rival Translations

In two paragraphs:

Please explain the overall structure of Mendelsohn’s review. How does he introduce his topic to the reader? What part of his own arguments or background information does he want the reader to understand before he begins to compare the different translations?

Why do you think he chose this particular organization for his review?


We have been considering the role that ethos plays in writing – the character of the writer and the “character(s)” of themselves that writers create by the way that they write — especially when they write about themselves.

How does Rowland’s discussion of himself as a writer — his motivations and his our perception of his character? And what is his purpose in telling us so much about his own private life and about his need to learn that writing can be private in a piece that is, after all, quite public?

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