The Royal Coat of Arms Investigation

Lesson Summary
In this lesson, you have learned about King James I and some of the influence he had over the arts and playwrights like William Shakespeare. You will demonstrate your understanding of this lesson by answering research questions and creating a shield for your own coat of arms.

Step 1: Research heraldic symbols of the Royal Coat of Arms of King James I and answer the Royal Coat of Arms Investigation Questions in complete sentences.

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The Royal Coat of Arms Investigation
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Royal Coat of Arms Investigation Questions
What does the lion represent? Why would the rulers of England include so many of them on the Coat of Arms?
What does the ? Why is it featured on the Coat of Arms of British rulers?
Why is the Irish harp featured on the Coat of Arms?
What does the unicorn represent? Why would the rulers of England choose a unicorn to support their shield?
Why does the unicorn have a chain around its neck?
The Coat of Arms includes two phrases, Blessed are the peacemakers and Shame to him who evil thinks. Choose one of these phrases and explain why a ruler might want it included in a coat of arms.
Research one of the colors featured in the Coat of Arms. Based on what the color represents, explain why it would be used in a royal coat of arms.
You may wish to consult some of these sources in your research or you can do some further investigation of your own. to credit any source you use with a citation.

Step 2: Emblazon a shield of your own based on your values and lifestyle:

Incorporate what you have learned about heraldic colors and symbols to design your shield.
Also, give it a modern twist by including symbols that represent your current interests (a to an iPod, for example).
You can use any program youd like to create your shield, including:

design software on your computer
web 2.0 tools

Write a paragraph of at least five sentences explaining how all of the elements included (shape, color, and symbols) are representative of your life and your values. Your paragraph should include proper grammar, punctuation, and other language conventions. Be prepared to use your paragraph to present your shield to your instructor during your .

Add your answers to the investigation questions, your shield, and your paragraph to the Symbols of Kings: .

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