TheWorld’s Foremost Outfitter of hunting

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TheWorld’s Foremost Outfitter of hunting
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Professor Bennett // Due Saturday 31st 1159in the morn before the ghosts wake upand the pumpkins dance!


1.Cabela’s, theWorld’s Foremost Outfitter of hunting, fishing and outdoor gear,UNENDING PROGRESS AND GROWTH SINCE 1961.Research Cabela and then assess Cabelas marketing strategy (what makes it so successful?).


2. Why would a new clothing company need to do a SWOT analysis for their 2 enlargement plans — in Alaska? and in Nigeria? What environmental factors would they have to consider ?

What might they find out, that would change some of the style decisions, distribution systems, marketing techniques?

3. Mail, Telephone, Personal interviews, online are all Contact Methods within a primary data collection plan. True / False


4. What four major psychological factors influence a customers buying choices?

4. Define the three parts of .


5. A companys products are born, grow, mature, and then decline, just as living things do. To remain vital, a company must continually develop new products and manage them effectively through their life cycles. False / True


6. What is the American Marketing Association? What are their guiding principles / norms?



7. IF you were the Vice President of Marketing, in a large corporation; what ethical standards would you emphasize to your staff?


What moral and ethical guidelines would you include in your Leadership Staff Training?




8. Economic conditions can have major impact on pricing decisions. The recent recession has caused consumers to rethink the price-value equation. Marketers have responded by increasing their emphasis on value-for-the money pricing strategies. True / False

Give 2 examples of the economy causing price fluctuation, and/or on a Product or Service.


9. When a firm considers initiating a price change it must consider customers and competitors reactions True / False


10. What are some advantages of internet marketing?







Happy HAllOWEEN !! BEWARE of the SPOOKY goblinsand Witches and evil Pumpkins.hahahahaha~~~~ you have finished your examinationbrrrrr its cold in hereI think I see a ghost!

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