Transformational Change Management Plan

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Transformational Change Management Plan
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Below is assignment instructions

Attached document is an example of how the project should be, my project is on Savage Gulf Sulphur Services…..


Key Assignment First Draft

Content from Weeks 13 should be edited to take into account any instructor or peer feedback from the Phase 4 DB draft.

Transformational Change Management Plan

You will create an entire Transformational Change Management Plan for a that has lost business to a competitor that has chosen to outsource much of its production operations. The company has been based in a , it is one of the largest employers, and it has an excellent reputation for employee welfare. It is now planning to do the very same offshoring, which will involve large layoffs of .

  • Week 1: Introduction
  • Week 2: What is driving the need for this transformational change?
  • Week 3: Theories of Change Management
  • Week 4: Communication Plan
  • Week 5: Implementation Plan

Create the following new material for Week 4:

  • Week 4: Communication Plan (100150 words)
    Include the following context in the communication plan:

    1. What stakeholders require communication?
    2. What will be communicated to them?
    3. Who will send the communication?
    4. What communication medium will be used?

Please submit your assignment.

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