Understanding organizational structure for MNC

The purpose of this assignment is to understand organizational structure for an MNC. Various types of structures exist, and the reasons global companies choose different structures vary widely. It’s important to understand the benefits and hindrances structures provide.

Select a non-auto industry MNC and determine its global organizational structure. Address the following in your paper:

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Understanding organizational structure for MNC
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  • What are the benefits of this particular MNC in using this organizational structure? • What are the hindrances of this particular MNC in using this organizational structure?
  • Recommend a different organizational structure for this MNC.
  • Explain your reasoning for this different structure, including benefits and hindrances for this particular MNC.

Use critical thinking to apply depth and breadth. Be concise and address the company and its organizational structure. Go beyond description and restating the facts. This writing assignment is required to be completed in the standard APA format. Minimum 2 pages (not including title and reference pages). Abstract not required.

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