Utilizing the Social Business Lens section in Chapter 1

MGT651 – Final Exam Essay Options
Four of these will be on the Final Exam on Wednesday 12/11/19.
Chapter 1
1. Utilizing the Social Business Lens section in Chapter 1 and the Walmart article – 10
Lessons on Walmart’s Social Media strategy, please explain what a social business
strategy is. Include in your answer references to at least 2 items from the Walmart Article.
Chapter 2
2. Using the Zara Story video and the Reuters Zara article, describe how Zara has
leveraged technology and other proven approaches to be successful in a traditionally
slow industry by becoming extremely efficient and to creating urgency in their customers.
Chapter 4
3. Chapter 4 covers Digital Systems and the Design of Work. Please select 2 new types of
work/new ways to do traditional work and describe how these roles were done before
digital/technology advancements and how technology has impacted these roles.
Chapter 6
4. Based on the “What is the Cloud” section of the HBR article “What every CEO needs to
Know about the Cloud”, name the 3 categories of offerings and describe the similarities
across these 3 areas.
Chapter 7
5. What are some steps an organization should take in order to achieve 100% security for
their enterprise? In addition to describing these steps, please address whether or not it
is possible to achieve 100% security including, why you feel this is possible or
Chapter 10
6. Explain the motivation behind Kellwood’s decision to stop outsourcing and how they
went about making the decision.
Chapter 12
7. In the video on IBM Social Analytics, there are several benefits included, select at least 2
of these benefits and describe how an organization can realize success with this
Final Note: This exam is to be taken by everyone individually. If two exams look too similar, I will
consider this as plagiarism. This is an open book but not open “classmate” exam.

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Utilizing the Social Business Lens section in Chapter 1
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