Week Three Coalition Testimony Group Presentation

Week Three Coalition Testimony Group Presentation
Coalitions often prepare testimony for public hearings in order to ensure their key messages
are voiced and presented to policymakers. Each coalition member (stakeholder) has a
slightly different perspective they bring, but all the messages are intended to influence the
policy making body to adopt a specific policy. Coalition members can range from: nonprofit
organizations, grassroots groups, for-profit organizations, state/local agencies and even
individual advocates/volunteers. Membership depends upon coalition goals and focus.
Each coalition group will develop a presentation of coordinated public testimony to
convince policy makers to adopt a policy. Students have been provided information for the
foundation of this assignment that can be located in weeks one and three:
1) Public health problem
2) Coalition
3) Two policy options (solutions to the problem)
Communicate with your group members to review the policy options and then, select one
policy to be the focus of what your coalition group is advocating for in this testimony
presentation. Utilize the specific legislative policy (e.g. SB 768) as the focus to develop
testimony for each coalition student member.
Each coalition student member will prepare and present a maximum of three minutes of
testimony on the selected legislative policy for mock presentation to policy makers. (This is
about 450 words, based on the normal speaking voice). Coordinate with your coalition
student members to ensure key messages the coalition has agreed upon are covered.
Each coalition group will present one PowerPoint that will include:
• Name of coalition, mission & goals of the coalition. List of the coalition member
organizations the group is representing (one slide)
• Key summarized aspects of the public health problem that should be gathered and
decided upon as a group. Most of this can be found in the Eyler et al. text, but
research beyond can also be included (four slides total):
â–ª What is the issue
â–ª Who is affected
â–ª Economic impact
â–ª One policy
• One slide per coalition member (student) that includes (one slide each):
o Description of the mission/goals of the coalition member organization being
o How the organization can contribute to the support of the selected policy
o Recorded testimony (onsite class is live presentation)
Review the sample PPT presentation in the resources for this assignment in week three
Review the testimony requirements below and the accompanying rubric in Blackboard week
3- Group Coalition Assignment Platform.
Each coalition stakeholder student member’s public testimony will:
1. Identify you and the organization you represent within the
coalition and/or your standing on the issue (resident, stakeholder, expert, etc.)
2. State your position as “for” or “against” the proposed bill; identify the bill by name
and number if appropriate (e.g. S.B. 768)
3. Provide the “Ask”: Tell the policy makers what you want them to do (vote yes or no
on the bill)
4. Provide back- up documentation for your “ask.” This can include personal experience
or facts and statistics. It should also include some information about the bill itself
and why it addresses the public health problem (solves or is a solution to the issue).
• One scholarly reference is required to be cited in such a way that your
listeners can find the information on their own. At least, include the author
and the year in the statement. Testimony Examples:
• Poor sample: Tobacco taxes can reduce smoking.
• Good Sample: In 2011, Chaloupka and colleagues demonstrated the
effectiveness of a tobacco tax as a method to reduce smoking
consumption. OR
• “Dr. Frank Chaloupka, well- known for his economic studies related to
public health issues, demonstrated the effectiveness of a tobacco tax
as a method to reduce smoking consumption in a 2011 report in the
journal Tobacco Control.”
5. Thank the committee for the opportunity to speak. This can be done at the
beginning or end of your testimony
6. The coalition stakeholders/student members should coordinate testimony so that
the important aspects to the health problem (as covered in the coalition proposal)
are addressed by the members, well covered, but importantly, each conveys
different messages. Minimize redundancy.
It is very important to review the resources provided to you below (Kansas University
Toolbox; sample real-world testimonies; and the Coalition PPT assignment overview) for
this assignment as they will direct you to better understand how to create/design
• Kansas University Tool box
o http://ctb.ku.edu/en/table-of-contents/advocacy/direct-action/personaltestimony/main
o Message development (specifically #4 defining your message):
• San Francisco County Board of Supervisors Meeting June 2017: Banning Flavored
Tobacco Products – good examples of testimony from a variety of stakeholders
o Use Google Chrome or Firefox to view this video for the best navigation
o Testimonies begin at 19 minutes
â–ª At 20 minutes: Advocate, Phil Gardner.
menthol cigarettes/disparities, etc… His
specific “ask” is @ 22:10
â–ª At 22:40: Advocate, Dr. Valerie Yearger. Backgroud, research
statement, 24:00. 26:00 supporters of the ordinance. 24:34 scholarly
reference statement. 28:21 Thank you. Not a clear ask.
â–ª At 34:00: Advocate, Dr. Stan Glanz. Ask 36:18
â–ª Testimonies continue, please review.
• Additional Sample Testimonies:
o Written Testimony: Deputy director, Food Education and Policy (NYC Food &
Nutrition Ed Reporting bill)
o San Diego County Board of Supervisors Meeting- Ordinance to Ban Flavored
Tobacco Products 1/14/20: Click on Item 13. It begins at 2:33 minutes, then
testimonies begin at 2:45 minutes. Pro-argument testimonies begin at 3:33
o At 3:38:Advocate, Becky Rapp – PTA/PTSA. Support for legislation,
background and adding terminology to the bill. 3:39 scholarly
statement. Not the most clear ask. 3:39:50 Thank you
o At 3:40: Advocate Hazel Belvin. Statement of where she lives
(important to tell policy makers). Background and why bill should be
amended to include other aspects. 3:41 background facts. 3:41:44
asks what she would like policymakers to do.
o At 4:32: Advocate, Chris Sherwin. Background of and support of the
bill. Review of flavors, acute lung illness. Background facts. Thank you
o At 4:36 Opposition: Rema Corey. Listen to her oppositional
arguments. Think about how you could refute this.
o C-Span Video Capital Hill Committee Meeting Regarding Flavored Tobacco
Products and E-Cigarettes: Begins and then at 20 minutes testimonies begin
See complete assignment description and rubric in Blackboard week 3 – Group Coalition
Assignment Platform.
Help develop your testimony
This section is designed to assist students in shaping and developing testimony. This is like a story
board to get you started. After you complete this, then you can focus on making sure EACH of the
specific requirements for testimony are included (listed above in the assignment description).
• This is an example of a personal story (you do not have to use a personal story)
Where will your
testimony be used?
Who are you
What policy are you
testifying towards?
Describe the
What/how will this
improve health
outcomes? Improve
At the California
State Senate hearing
I represent the
American Lung
California. We are a
part of the San Diego
Tobacco Control
AB-11 Cigarette and
tobacco product
licensing: fees and
The tobacco retailer
licensing fee is too
affordable. Anyone
can pay the current
fee. Provide several
statistics about
current tobacco use
among youth and
adults. Youth ecigarette use is
climbing. Tobacco
retailers are
everywhere (provide
This will improve
communities and
health outcomes.
Describe how and
why. Reference other
cities, counties, states
that implemented
similar legislation and
the outcomes that
resulted. Describe
what the opposition
thinks and provide a
• Remember to include your “ask”
• Remember to include at least ONE scholarly reference
• Remember to thank the legislators
• Review the assignment description and rubric for assignment requirements
an example).
Describe illness and
chronic conditions
that result from use.
statement rebutting
against it.

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