Weighted Alternative Matrix problem

Design alternatives have to be thoroughly considered. There must be a process to fairly evaluate the pros and cons of each option. Lets look at how the alternative matrix can help facilitate the design decision through creation of our own alternative matrix. Complete the following assignment:

Using the YOUR TURN, 7-2 on the bottom of page 232, complete the following:
Create a that can be used to compare the three software products in the way in which a selection decision can be made.
Create a report that details how you created your matrix.
Include information such as how you came up with your alternatives and what factors led to the score you assigned.
Be thorough and detailed in explaining this process.
Your report should be at least 1 full page.
Lab Work

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Weighted Alternative Matrix problem
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Design documents are absolutely critical to communicate the projects design. In this chapter you learned about the . Complete the following assignment:

Draw a site map and an ISD for a web site that sells some retail products (e.g., books, music, clothes).
You can create this with the software of your choosing; but the final document must be converted to a .
Your assignment should be at least 1 full page.

Select the Discussion page to the left and respond to the following question:

Creation of design documents is essential to the success of a software application development project. Let’s discuss what documents will be created during this project phase. Please respond to all of the following prompts:

During the design phase many deliverables will be created to document the design.
List the main documents that are created during the architecture and .
Explain the purpose of the documents, how they are created, and why they are important.

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