Yes Social inequity does still exist

1: With working in the medical filed I have seen it on a daily basis. Everyone is being treated as racists and making trouble. I do believe that it’s amazing how people are being treated daily in the work force, and how many situations don’t get no attention. Therefore, Men are having to pay a much higher expensive car insurance plan which is due to their gender and their race, if you ask me it’s not right. There is a much which usually based on the stereotypes.

2:You bring up a good point, if this discrimination is considered illegal, who would enforce the law? Although I do not believe police officers have the authority to eliminate inequality, all racial and ethnic groups can be represented by private organizations to bring an end to discrimination. “Resistance to social inequality by subordinate groups has been the key to change” (Schaefer, 2012, “Reverse Discrimination”). Do you think white males need their own affirmative action, or an effort for them to be able to get jobs, promotions, and educational opportunities?

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Yes Social inequity does still exist
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3:I do believe that social inequities such as socio economic status, housing, and health care still exist in today’s society. Working in a related health insurance field, I come a crossed that African Americans will pay more in health insurance from other races. Why is this you ask? It’s because they have a higher death rate based on the certain stereotypes or environments they live in. This is similar to car insurance; males have to afford a more expensive car insurance plan due to their gender. Why it that social inequalities still exists is, isn’t this a form of discrimination, and should be illegal?

4:ELearning has so many different advantages such as being less expensive, decreased material, and portable. I personally like that it’s portable, anywhere I go rather it be a vacation somewhere, or at work I can bring my school with me. I can go on vacation at anytime and still turn in as I have Internet access and free Wi-Fi can be found about anywhere. It’s no such thing in being late for class when taking online courses, no transportation issues. It woks for me because I enjoy reading and comprehending in hat format versus being physically in a classroom listening to boring lectures. My mind tends to wonder when sitting in one spot for more than 30 minutes listening long lectures. I prefer to read, study examples, and research different ways of solving different problems I may come across.

5:I think It does , being harassed, and frown upon. With being at home and no attending Universities with people across the world who have different agendas than those who actually want to learn and not party. I at one point, it was like being home with all the gun violence. I thought leaving my area and going into college would be a since one has to have care for their students. But, this school is directly in front of the projects which is one of the worse communities in Columbia SC. Student rims were being rob off their vehicles, people come on campus that doesn’t go to the school, and shootouts in broad day. A lot of that goes on where I’m from but to actually go off to college and experience he same thing was not idea. I left trouble only o find it again. It’s still going on but at least I can concentrate on school work and not endure the shootings at the same time.

6:what are advantages of elearning?

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